Service Provider Tools and Activities

The SERC Activities Manual is available to educators and service providers who are looking for health activities to run with youth.

We recommend reviewing the Service Provider Manual before using the Activities Manual as the information helps to create a bigger picture of the issues that youth face. (Print double-sided.)

Tool Kit for Educators & Service Providers
Looking for a specific topic or activity? Click below for each activity listed by topic. (Print double-sided.) Download the full SERC Activities Manual 2021. (Print double-sided.)

All activities follow the Manitoba Education Learning Outcomes. Most activities are easy to run and require very few additional resources.

Intro to Activities

Toolkit Introduction
Preparing for a Session
Thinking Beyond Workshops
Checking Assumptions & Answering Questions
Session Feedback Form
The Importance of Sexual Health Education

Additional Activities

Additional Activities Educational Curriculum Connections

Energizers and Icebreakers
Step into the Circle
Check-ins & Check-outs
Anonymous Question Box

Anatomy and Puberty

Anatomy and Puberty Educational Curriculum Connections

Teen Talk’s Anatomy Review Session
Anatomy Vocabulary
Anatomy on Your Back Game
Puberty Changes Relay
Puberty Changes Drawing Activity
Genital Salad Game

Diversity and Anti-Oppression

Diversity and Anti-Oppression Educational Curriculum Connections

Defining Oppression
Power Shuffle Activity
Dispelling Stereotypes Discussion Cards
Dealing with Discrimination Action Planning

Birth Control

Birth Control Educational Curriculum Connections

“Why Don’t and Do Teens Use Birth Control” Brainstorm
Birth Control & Condoms Scavenger Hunt
Hormonal Birth Control Demonstrations
Hormonal Birth Control “What Am I” Activity
Emergency Contraception Demo
Condom Demonstration
Internal Condom Demonstration

Body Image

Body Image Educational Curriculum Connections

Body Image Expectations & the Media
“Ideal Not Real” Body Image Activity
Body Image Discussion Cards
Body Image Action Planning Activity
Body Image Boosters

Communication Skills

Communication Skills Educational Curriculum Connections

“Inner Circle/Outer Circle” Supportive Listening Activity
Communication Practice Cards: Highschool
Communication Practice Cards: Middle School
“I Have a Secret” Supportive Activity
Rumours & Gossip
Listening Exercise
Consent Practice Cards

Mental Health

Mental Health Educational Curriculum Connections

Feelings & “What Got You Through” Brainstorms
Coping Bingo
Pathways to Health Brainstorm
Helping a Friend Brainstorm Activity
Helping a Friend Practice Cards
“Mind Matters” Trivia Game
Wellness Ball Activity
Holistic Model of Health Reflection
Circle Map Activity


Relationships Educational Curriculum Connections

Space Invaders Activity
Slam Dunk Self-Esteem Activity
Gender Roles Activity
Types of Abuse Awareness Activity
Relationship Spectrum Group Discussion Activity
Relationship Spectrum Group Movement Activity
“Is This Abuse? or Warning Sign of Abuse?” Activity
Media Literacy Activity
Dating Violence Action Planning Activity
Healthy Relationship Worksheet and Discussion
Qualities of a Healthy Relationship Brainstorm
Fun & Single Relay Race

Relationships for Guys

Relationships for Guys Educational Curriculum Connections

Healthy Relationships for Guys Curriculum
Note: This is designed to be a 5 session series as a closed group for guys.

Sexual Decision Making and Identity

Sexual Decision Making and Identity Educational Curriculum Connections

Land is Body, Body is Land Acknowledgment
Exploring Your Name Activity
Family Tree Activity
Native Pride Activity
Sexuality in Original Languages Activity
Values Activity
Body and Identity Rights Group Brainstorms
“Why Do & Don’t Teens Have Sex & Fun & Safe Activities” Brainstorms
Sexual Readiness Reflection
“Consent & Other Things to Talk about Before Having Sex” Brainstorm

STIs and HIV

STIs and HIV Educational Curriculum Connections

STI Risk Game
HIV Risk Activity
Condom & Sex Dam Communications Activity
Condom Demonstration
Internal Condom Demonstration
Sex Dam Demo
Condom Line Activity
Condom Competition
Condom & Sex Dam Play Stations Activity
Teen Talk’s Sexual Jeopardy Game

Substance Use Awareness

Substance Use and Awareness Educational Curriculum Connections

“Why Youth Use & Don’t Use Substances” Brainstorm
Risk Line Up Game with Harm Reduction
Substance Effects Match-up
Abstinence Activities Scenario Cards & Brainstorm
Refusal Skills Brainstorm
“Partying Safer” Brainstorm
Recovery Position
“Pros & Cons” Decisional Balancing Reflection
Problematic Use Brainstorm
Teen Talk’s Drug Trivia Game
Identifying Strengths Reflection

Service Provider Manual & Activities Binder
Developed to supplement the Teen Talk Service Provider Training, the Teen Talk Service Provider Manual focuses on sexual and mental health (including substance use), and dating relationships. The manual contains background information on each topic, strategies for working with youth, information for youth in Northern communities, resources, and Indigenous voices touching on cultural teachings and decolonizing strategies.

We recommend reviewing this manual before using the Teen Talk Activities Binder or Tool Kit as the information helps to create a bigger picture of the issues that face youth. The Teen Talk Activities Binder and Tool Kit is available to educators and service providers who are looking for activities for youth. Print double-sided or use as needed to build or supplement educational sessions. Most activities are easy to run and require very few additional resources.

Click here for the Service Provider Manual (Print double-sided.)
Click here for the SERC Activities Manual (Print double-sided.)

Please go to the “Toolkit for Educators and Service Providers” tab (above) for individual activities. For more information or to request an Activities Binder or Service Provider Manual, contact Teen Talk at 204-982-7800, or by email at

Peer Education Manual & Videos for the Classroom
The new Peer Education Training Manual for youth covers topics like sexuality, mental health, body image, anti-oppression, sexual health, relationships, substance use, communication, etc. It has lots of resources, activities, teachings as well as artwork by our youth volunteers. This manual is originally intended to supplement and act as a resource for the Teen Talk Peer Education Training however it can be used as a resource and informative activity book for any youth.

Peer Education Manual 2019 (print in booklet format).

These videos are by our Peer Educator Volunteers and can be used in the classroom or at programs. Click the links below to view the videos:

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