Handouts and Youth Resources

Here you’ll find resources and handouts that you can print off to give to students or post in your classroom

Resources Handout and Poster
 This handout/poster covers a variety of services and resources relevant to youth including phone lines,  free support services, and activities.

We’ve made two versions depending on your needs. Please select from the following links:

Teen Clinic Handouts
 Here you’ll find the most recent Teen Clinic map handout.

Please note: Sometimes Teen Clinics locations or hours change before a new map is released, but an up to date list can always be found at teenclinic.ca 

Click here for more information on what services are provided at teen clinics.

Workshop Handouts
Here you will find the updated 2017-18 handouts from every Teen Talk workshop:

Peer Support Zines
Here you’ll find a copy of our latest Peer Support Zine.

  • Printing Version: Drug Zine
    • This copy is made to be printed into a booklet. Please set your printer to print double sided and to flip along the short edge. You will need to staple the middle of the pages to create the booklet.
  • Online Version: Drug Zine 
    • This copy is formatted for online viewing only.