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Puberty Game

Puberty is a time of lots of changes for our body and our mind. It’s brought on by hormones and is the natural transition from being a kid, into being an adult.

Do you know what changes happen to Both Bodies, just Bodies with a Vagina or just Bodies with a Penis? Spin the Wheel to test your knowledge!

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Grow Taller
Both. Some folks grow a lot, some folks only a little. Sometimes this happens really quickly and you may get cramps (sore muscle) because of how quick your body is changing. 
Deeper Voice
Both. The larynx, also known as our voice box, grows larger during puberty which makes our voices deeper.  On some bodies, when the larynx grows larger it sticks out at the front of the throat. This is what’s called an Adam’s Apple. An Adam’s Apple is often more noticeable on bodies with a penis because their larynx usually grows larger than bodies with a vagina. This is also why often, but not always, bodies with a penis get noticeably deeper voices. There may be an awkward in-between time where your voice feels ‘screechy’ or ‘cracks’ as it moves between being higher to lower. This is totally normal and will pass over time. 
Hips Widen
Body with a vagina. Both bodies go through muscle and bone changes, but bodies with a vagina usually get wider hips during puberty. This is all part of the body getting ready to be physically able to give birth should someone choose to in the future.  
Body with a penis. Erections can happen from sexy touching, sexy thoughts but also in the middle of math homework! These random erections are a natural part of puberty and will go away on their own.  
Both. Around this time bodies may start having ejaculation and/or wet dreams. This is fluid or discharge that happens during arousal including masturbation or sexy dreams. 
Menstruation/Moon Time Starts
Body with a vagina. Also known as a period, puberty is usually the beginning of someone’s menstruation cycle. Cycles can vary in length from month to month especially when you are younger. Many cultures have special teachings about periods. Connecting with Elders and knowledge keepers can be a great place to learn about them. 
Shoulders Broaden
Body with a penis. Both bodies go through muscle and bone changes, but bodies with a penis usually have their shoulders broaden.
New Emotions
Both. Puberty is a time of lots of changes including having new and more complex emotions. Some of this is about the changes that happen as we grow into adults, and some of this has to do with all the extra hormones helping our body change. We might start getting crushes on people, or find our emotions change a lot from moment to moment.
New Thoughts
Both. Puberty is a time of growing from a kid into an adult. Part of this means starting to have new and more complex thoughts. We might start to understand things in a way we didn’t before, or maybe we think of things in a totally different way than we used to.
New Body Hair
Both. Both bodies grow new and more hair including in the armpits, on the arm, legs, chest, face, back, and genitals. Some folks end up with a lot of hair, and some folks barely any at all. Often bodies with a penis get more hair than bodies with a vagina, especially on the face,  but not always. Some bodies with a penis barely get any hair, and some bodies with a vagina get a bunch.
Chest Changes
Both. Both bodies change and grow in the chest, although it is often a bit more noticeable in a body with a vagina. Bodies with a vagina grow breasts, while bodies with a penis have changes in chest muscles. 
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