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International Day of Pink


Discrimination takes many shapes, whether it’s based on race, age, disabilities, gender or sexuality. The 2STLGBTQ+ community is no stranger to the bullying and violence that stems from hateful beliefs. While progress has been made towards removing these social barriers from our society, discrimination still persists. So, every year, on the second Wednesday of April, we urge people around the world to put on a pink shirt and stand in solidarity with the the2STLGBTQ+ community to continue fighting for equality and acceptance.

Remember, if you experiencing discrimination it is not your fault. We encourage you to talk with someone you trust. This might include a helpline like the Kids Help Phone. They offer free 24/7 support by phone, by text or online. Call 1-800-668-6868, text 68-68-68 or check them out online. 

Whether it’s in Canada or beyond, we need to stand up against hateful beliefs to keep the clock from turning backwards on our efforts towards establishing equality for the 2STLGBTQ+ community. It’s time now to educate the future generation to not repeat history, demand more of our policymakers, and participate in creating real change through real effort.

This year’s events will be a little bit different with covid, but we can still take part online. Even small acts of activism can grow into bigger change for all. Share things on your social media, listen to podcasts, join webinars and other digital community events. And of course, wear pink!



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