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Domestic Violence Awareness Month


November marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Manitoba

Abuse and violence can happen in any relationship and between different genders, but there is a reason it is often referred to as gender-based violence. We know both women and trans/non-binary folks experience high rates of sexual and physical violence from men. We also know when men experience this violence it is also more often from another man. This makes abuse and violence a men’s problem.  We all have a role in ending gender-based violence. It is up to men to address abuse with other men. Check out our healthy relationships for guys section for more info on how we can redefine masculinity to build a healthier world for all genders.

No matter what abuse is never ok. Abuse is always a choice, which means people who use abuse can choose to stop. It starts by taking responsibility for your actions and getting help. People who use abuse can access supportive programs including Klinic’s Evolve Program, connecting to a Teen Clinic or by checking out any of the supports listed below. People who use abuse can and do go on to healthier relationships in the future, but it often takes time and work.

If you are experiencing abuse, remember it is not your fault, and no one deserves abuse. If you know about abuse that is happening, or if you are experiencing abuse tell someone you trust. Teens in Manitoba can also use phone lines for support. The Domestic Violence helpline is 1-877-977-0007, Kids Help Phone is 1-800-668-6868, both are free. Kids Help Phone also provides support through online chat or by texting connect to 686868. You can check out more supports on the Manitoba Stop the Violence website. You can also talk with a trusted adult in your life, visit a Teen Clinic or check out Klinic’s free drop-in counselling.


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