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C’est Halloween


Time for costumes, candy and Jack-o-lanterns!

For some people Halloween may include Halloween parties. If you are planning on partying with drugs or alcohol, then it’s important to think about ways to reduce the risk. Risk means the chances of something going wrong.

Usually, the safest we can be when it comes to substances is to not use them. There’s exceptions like in ceremonies, prescribed medication or if someone needs help coming down. We also know that not everyone can, or wants to make the choice to not use all the time. If people are using, it’s important to have accurate information to stay safer. Even if we aren’t using, this is good info to know because then you can help others

Some tips to staying safer include

  • Eat food
  • Drink water
  • Be around people you trust
  • Have a safe way home or a place to crash
  • Carry condoms, but also know that consent can’t really happen when someone’s drunk or high
  • Know your limit
  • Start small and let it kick in before deciding to take more

If you’re ever worried about yours or someone else’s drug or alcohol use then talk with someone you trust. You could talk with a school counsellor, teacher, family member, elder, etc.; essentially someone you trust. Addictions Foundation of Manitoba is a great resource that people can call if they need to talk. They are free to call from anywhere in Manitoba. Their phone number is 1-888-383-2776 or 204-944-6235. You can also check out our Resources page for more supports and info.


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