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National Indigenous Peoples Day


National Indigenous Peoples Day is a day for all of us to recognize and celebrate the unique heritages, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements and contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. Since 1996, it happens every year on June 21.

We all live on Indigenous land. Indigenous peoples have always had a relationship with this land. The shared history of this land since the start of colonization has included trying to harm Indigenous peoples culture, knowledge, achievements and contributions. National Indigenous Peoples Day is a day to take space back and welcome everyone to learn and celebrate together.

It’s also a chance to gather and have fun as a community. APTN will be hosting their annual Indigenous Day Live (IDL) party at the Forks (and on TV) on Saturday June 22, 2019. IDL is the  largest event in recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day. Through cultural activities and live music we can come together to celebrate Indigenous nations, peoples, cultures, resiliency, and power.


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