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Mental Health Week


About Mental Health Week

  • Mental Health Week takes place the first full week in May every year.
  • This year, Mental Health Week is  May 6-12, 2019.
  • The first annual Mental Health Week was in 1951; this is its 68th year!
  • The week focuses on reducing the stigma of mental illness and promoting good mental
    health for all.

MHW 2019

  • This year is focused on  “Get loud about what mental health really is.”
  • Many people mix up the terms mental health and mental illness and use them
    interchangeably—this confusion can create stigma of mental illness. It splits people into groups of those who have a mental illness, and those who don’t.
  • Mental health is something we all live with and, like our physical health, we all can strengthen and build mental wellness.
  • Mental illness is something some people live with at some point in their life. For some the illness is lifelong, while for others it is for a period of life. People can have a mental illness, but really strong mental health because they have figured out what works for them.
  • We all benefit from celebrating, promoting and talking about the role that good mental health plays in living a full and meaningful life.

Improving Our Mental Health

There are lots of ways that people can improve their mental health. It’s helpful to think about the supportive people in your life that you can talk to, the things you like to do, and things that you like about yourself. You could even make lists to help yourself remember when you are having a tough time. Writing your lists on a good day can be really helpful when things aren’t going well. Keep your lists in mind and remember it’s important to look after yourself!

Support for Mental Health and Mental Illness

  1. Kids Help Phone which offers online, txt and phone support.
  2. Teen Clinics are drop-in health clinics for teens. They can connect you to counselling services and other programs.
  3. Klinic Drop-in Counselling at 870 Portage Avenue (in Winnipeg). Free counselling services five days a week.
  4. Check out our resources section to learn about even more supports in your area.

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