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Exciting Updates for Service Providers


Over the past year, we at Teen Talk have been working hard to update our resources.

The new Peer Education Training Manual for youth covers topics like sexuality, mental health, body image, anti-oppression, sexual health, relationships, substance use, communication, etc. It has lots of resources, activities, teachings as well as artwork by our youth volunteers. This manual is originally intended to supplement and act as a resource for the Teen Talk Peer Education Training however it can be used as a resource and informative activity book for any youth.

The Peer Education Drug Zine made by youth has been updated and includes new Cannabis legislation.

We have updated our activities into an Activities Binder as well as a Toolkit for Educators & Service Providers. Each activity can be accessed individually, require few resources and most are easy to run. The Senior 1-4 Education Curriculum Connections and new decolonizing activities are included. We recommend using the activities together with the Teen Talk Service Provider Manual.

The Service Provider Manual contains background information, strategies for working with youth, resources and Indigenous voices touching on cultural teachings and decolonizing strategies. This manual helps create a bigger picture of the issues that Manitoba youth are facing.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback. We hope you find these resources useful! Feel free to share.


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