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National Addictions Awareness Week


This year National Addictions Awareness Week is November 26–December 2, 2018

One in 10 Canadians lives with some type of substance use problem. Addiction does not discriminate.  Sometimes there is a stereotype of what someone struggling with substance use looks like. But any one, from any background, can be struggling with their use or the use of a loved one. This includes doctors, lawyers, teachers and more. It affects all walks of life.

When we stereotype what a substance use user ‘looks like’ we create stigma. Stigma is negative thoughts, assumptions and judgements about something. It can make someone afraid to ask for help. It can get in the way of getting support for addiction and recovery. Everyone deserves support. We know through support, recovery is possible.

Where to go for help

Manitoba Wide

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it’s important to reach out for support. You could talk with a school counsellor, teacher, family member, elder, etc.; essentially someone you trust. Addictions Foundation of Manitoba is a great resource that people can call if they need to talk. They are free to call from anywhere in Manitoba. Their phone number is 1-888-383-2776 or 204-944-6235.

Winnipeg and Surrounding Area

  • For youth looking to stop using drugs or alcohol, especially with withdrawal, Marymound offers the Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit (YASU). They off support through the withdrawal process and explore treatment options available in the community.  Youth ages 12-17 can request help by calling the Centralized Intake Youth Addictions Service at 1-877-710-3999.
  • If you’re using substances that have drug works/gear, it’s important to not share and to use new needles. In Winnipeg, Street Connections helps with safe needle and pipe exchanges.  It’s a mobile van available most evenings and they have an office in the Exchange.

Northern Manitoba

  • Check in with your health centre to  connect with the local NNADAP worker. They can offer you support and connect you to programs for yours or a loved ones use.
  • Based in Norway House, Whiskey Jack Treatment Centre offers a 4 month program for youth ages 12-17. It includes counselling, treatment, culturally based teachings, and life skills development. 204-359-8995

You can also check out our Resources page for more supports and info.



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