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National HIV Testing Day


Last year, only 6% of Manitobans got an HIV test.1 On Wednesday, June 27, National HIV Testing Day will be marked in Manitoba for the first time. It’s a day to promote HIV and STI testing across Manitoba. Go with your friends, partner or by yourself! A lot of clinics are located near restaurants or movie theaters so you can totally make it a fun date night.

You can get tested at any Teen Clinic or your local Health Centre. HIV testing will be a blood sample. They’ll also check for Syphilis and Hepatitis C. For other STIs you’ll probably be asked to pee in a cup and, depending on what body parts you’ve used for sex, may also include a gentle swab or your mouth and/or anus.

Getting tested regularly is an important part of taking care of your health. HIV can impact anyone, and knowing your status means looking after your self and partners.  


1Cadham Provincial Laboratory


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