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Weedless Wednesday


January 21-27 is the annual National Non-Smoking Week, where smokers are encouraged to reduce or stop smoking. January 24, 2017, the Wednesday of this week, marks another Weedless Wednesday, which focuses on making the choice to not have a toke for one day.

People have lots of reason for using weed aka cannabis and they can have lots of reasons for not using. Cannabis may make someone feel relaxed, help cope during a hard time, have a sense of well-being or a slowed sense of time. Some people may also use cannabis for medical purposes with a prescription from their doctor. Sometimes people avoid using cannabis because it can increase feelings of anxiety (especially with regular use), make people feel groggy or tired, and has some risk with lung damage and brain development especially for those under 25. Weedless Wednesday is about giving the body/mind a break, trying out other ways to cope and learning about some of the risk that can come with Cannabis.

If you or someone you know is using any type of substance, including weed, more than you would like then it is important to talk with someone you trust. You can check out a Teen Clinic or your local health centre for in person support or call a phone line or try the Kids Help Phone online chat 


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