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Back to School


It’s back to school week here in Manitoba. Its a time where we get to see friends again and a chance to learn new and (hopefully!) exciting things. It can also be a time of increased stressed or anxiety. It’s important that as you head back to school, you think about ways to cope and deal with stress now and throughout the school year.

Homework, teachers, commitments to teams or groups, family, friends and maybe a job too all come with their own demands and expectations. Sometimes we end up with more expectations and pressure then we are able to handle in the moment. Remember, it’s always okay to take a step back from some commitments. Asking for an extension on a paper, saying you have to miss a practice or letting friends know you won’t make it to that party can give yourself time to reenergize and let some of that stress go. It’s part of what’s called self-care, which is an important part of coping through stressful times.  Check out our section on coping to learn more.

You can also practice mindfulness activities such as deep breathing in moments of high stress or whenever you feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness activities are techniques to help ground us in the moment. They’ve been adapted from Buddhist, Hindu and Yogic traditions from South and East Asia. The app Stop Breath Think can guide you through some techniques.

It’s also important to talk to someone you trust whenever you are going through a hard time. This could be a school counselor, teacher you trust or family member. It could also be someone at a Teen Clinic, your local mental health worker (check out your health centre/nursing station) or you could contact a phone line/online chat. Phone lines offer support and information. They will not judge you. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say. Any number you call, someone will listen and stay on the line with you.

Klinic Crisis Line –  1-888-322-3019 or (204) 786-8686 (24 hours)
Provides counselling, support and information for people in crisis or distress.

Manitoba Suicide Prevention and Support Line – 1-877-435-7170 (24 hours)
Counseling/info for people thinking about suicide, or affected by another’s thoughts/ attempts of suicide.

Manitoba Farm & Rural Support Services – 1-866-367-3276 (10am-9pm, Monday-Friday)
Counselling and support for farm, rural, or northern Manitoba youth. Chat or email available here, supportline.ca.

Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868 (24 hours) and online chat Wednesday-Sunday, 5pm-1am (Manitoba time)
Canada wide service providing information and support to youth. Chat here, kidshelpphone.ca


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