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National Non-Smoking Week


January 15-21, 2017 is National Non-Smoking Week.

The safest we can be when it comes to substances, including tobacco, is to not use them. We also know that not everyone can, or wants to make that choice all the time. When it comes to substances there can be varying levels of use ranging from not using at all to someone who is using to the point where it is a problem for them. Someone has to decide for themselves if their use is problematic or not.

When it comes to smoking there is some built in risk including lung damage or addiction. If you are concerned about your use it’s important to find support. You could talk with a guidance counsellor, teacher, family member, elder, etc.; essentially someone you trust. There are also resources including the Break It Off  website which also has an app and the Smokers’ Helpline which runs online services and a phone line, 1 877 513-5333.


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