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National Addictions Awareness Week 2016


The safest we can be when it comes to substances is to not use them. We also know that not everyone can, or wants to make that choice all the time. When it comes to substances there can be varying levels of use ranging from not using at all to someone who is using to the point where it is a problem for them. Problematic use is essentially where someone continues to use a substance even though it is negatively impacting their life.If people are using, it’s important to have accurate information to help reduce the amount of harm that could happen.

It can be difficult to have a friend or family member who is using substances, but ultimately they need to decide for themselves if they have a problem or need help. When people are judged for using substances they are less likely to get help. If we want to support someone who may have a problem the helpful thing to do are to not judge them and let them know we are there for them.

If you are concerned about your use it’s important to find support. You could talk with a guidance counsellor, teacher, family member, elder, etc.; essentially someone you trust. Addictions Foundation of Manitoba is a great resource that people can call if they need to talk. They are free to call from anywhere in Manitoba. Their phone number is 1-888-383-2776 or 204-944-6235. You can also check out our Resources page for more supports and info.



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