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Your Space – “Sable’s Story”


My best friend Sable killed herself 16 days before her 16th birthday; this is her story. Sable was the only African American person living in the small town I am from. She did not know her Dad as he was deported when she was only a few months old; she had never been in contact with him. Sable had always been the “Crazy one” in our group of friends; always the life of the party there was no doubt about that.  She loved to have fun and had many close friends; there was always kids hanging out at her house.

Sable had always talked about killing herself. None of us ever took her seriously, why would we she talked about it all the time and never tried it. She always said “there’s no point in living after your 16 anyway, i’ll have done everything by then anyways.”  We would always tell her how stupid she sounded and that she was going to move away and have an awesome life and she would agree and say she couldn’t wait to move to Winnipeg.

A few months before Sable passed away she changed. She started drink more than normal and doing drugs, she began mutilating herself. She had also began “hooking up” with random people.  These are all warning signs for suicide; but sometime people fail to see what is right before our eyes.  My best friend killed herself on May 1st after a get together at my house. Nobody saw it coming but looking back I don’t see how we missed all of the warning signs, I guess it’s true what they say hindsight is 20/20.

When it happened my world was turned upside down I had no idea what hit me. I took me and all of my friends a very long time to get back to a somewhat “normal” life if that’s what you would like to call it. We still think about her and miss her every single day; she will never be replaced nor forgotten.

I learnt a lot of things when Sable passed away. I learnt that life should never be taken for granted, that friends are truly irreplaceable, and that the death of someone close too you changes who you are and how you view the world forever. If you ever suspect that somebody is thinking about suicide talk to them or tell someone you trust, because once they are gone you can’t get them back.

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