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Your Space – “nameless”

It has been so long since I have felt what people call love.
It’s been determined that love has come from someone far above.
Honestly after all the pain and suffering is there really something to be proud of?
But with all facts straight it is, in all senses, as painful as a morning dove.
All I ever wanted out of a relationship was to succeed.
Sadly teenagers always find it best to rush in at full speed.
The heart cannot be stopped; it’s like a mystical stampede.
Once you find that special someone though, love is guaranteed.
My heart has been entered with the old trick named the Trojan horse.
As much dedication and devotion I produced, I was given back no remorse.
But now after I took as long as I did in the game, I think I found my course.
The last relationship hurt, so I have come to the thought; it was my last divorce.
But now I believe that I have found a true love that is undying.
There is no chance of me ending up in the arms of a friend crying.
Your love, honest and true, shouldn’t be a position that I am buying.
Honestly for as long as we’ve known each other, why are you still lying?
By Denver

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