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Your Space – “Consent Skit”


Narrator: Julia and Chris have been dating for two months. They’re in their late teens. They are in a movie theatre watching the new Twilight movie. Julia had previously told Chris that she wanted to be dating for at least two months before sex happened, however now that it has been this long, she’s still not quite comfortable with it. Chris has been quite pushy until this point. He says he really loves her and wants to show her that.

Julia: Oh man, I hope Tayler Lautner takes off his shirt again.

Chris: I can take my shirt off for you, babe.

Julia: Hey, could you pass the popcorn?

Chris passes the popcorn.

Julia: Mmm, good popcorn.

Chris slowly moves closer to Julia

Julia sneezes in Chris’s face.

Chris: pause Bless you

Julia: Thank you

Chris tries to make a move

Julia: Not here, okay? We’re watching a movie.

Chris: Okay, fine.

Narrator: Chris kept his distance for the rest of the movie.

Chris and Julia exit, put on jackets.

Narrator: After the movie ended, Chris invited Julia over for a glass of wine.

Chris & Julia enter.

Chris: (pulls out ring) I got you a promise ring.

Julia: (holds out hand, lets Chris put it on) Ooohhh, it’s so pretty! Thank you!

Chris & Julia hug.

Chris: I’m glad you like it. Let’s sit on the couch.

They sit down on the couch. Chris gives Julia a glass of wine and has one for himself as well.

Chris: Let’s cheers… To our 2 months!

Chris & Julia clink glasses and take a sip.

Narrator: For the next hour or so, Chris and Julia drank wine and had friendly conversations on books, movies and music.

Julia is laughing and kind of tipsy.

Chris: That was such a hilarious movie! I loved when he got his foot stuck in the windshield!

Julia: Yeah (laughs more)

Chris: You’ve really never had wine before? You’re drinking it like a champ.

Julia: Yeah! Can you believe it? My parents never let me have any.

Chris: Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. (puts his arm around Julia and takes a sip of wine). So, remember what we were planning for our two-month?

Julia: yes….

Chris: (leans in) What do you think?

Julia: I don’t know, I’m not feeling too well.

Chris: Come on (stands up and takes Julia’s hand)

Julia: Well… (clumsily follows)

Chris & Julia exit.

Narrator: Chris and Julia went to Chris’s bedroom and had sex for the first time. Julia still felt sick afterwards and was functional enough to take a taxi home. Julia woke up with a mild hangover and stayed in bed most of the next day.

Julia enters and sits down.

Narrator: As Julia was starting to feel better towards the evening, the phone rang.

Chris: (enters) Hey babe, how are you feeling?

Julia doesn’t respond and rolls her eyes.

Chris: Hey, what’s wrong with you?

Julia: Last night…

Chris: Yeah, last night.

Julia: It wasn’t right. I wasn’t ready.

Chris: But you didn’t stop me, babe.

Julia: I had told you I felt sick, I wasn’t ready and I was wasted Chris! This isn’t how it was meant to happen.

Chris: It was meant to happen after two months, and it did.

Julia: Maybe I thought I’d be ready by then, but I wasn’t. You took this from me and I don’t think I can forgive you. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect me or take my consent or lack thereof seriously.

Chris: Hun, let me make it up to you!

Julia: Goodbye Chris. (hangs up, puts ring on the chair and exits)

Chris puts his head in his hands.

Narrator: Chris didn’t respect his girlfriend’s wishes, and this resulted in a sexual assault and a breakup. Consent cannot be given when one person is drunk, and only “yes” means yes! Hopefully Julia will go on to find a person who will treat her right. The end.

Written by: Kirsten Yanz, Natalie Bennett & Chris Trachenko


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