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Your Space – “Babas Poem”


Yet again I find myself thinking about you tonight
And when I think of you, I am overwhelmed in delight
You’re the one who taught me wrong from right
And these thoughts are what make my heart ignite

You were more beautiful then the northern lights
you were the one to push me to reach new heights
you were always there through my problems and fights
But the hardest thing now are these cold and lonely nights
you were one of the only things I honestly could love
And you were by far more beautiful then a dove
the only way to describe what we had was true love
But now you watch down on me from the heavens above
Even though I know your in a better place it eats away at me inside
And I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many tears I have cried
Whenever I needed something you were the one to always provide
If I ever needed to talk you were the one who allowed me to confide
When I heard the news about your death, my heart beat amplified
The sad part was it was not my family who had made me notified
So I called my mother over and over again only to have it verified
And when I found out I could never see you again I was horrified
One of the saddest truths is that I thought about suicide
the moment I thought what you would think, it was disqualified
but I knew if I did that I could never actually be satisfied
I always look back and I remember you in the countryside
and when my mother didnt let me come see you my sadness amplified
But the thought of her not wanting me to see her just made me terrified
she has lived through a similar experience before and I suppose its justified
I didnt know what to do for my baba, but this poem was the best I could decide
By Denver

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