What is the average penis size?

Posted on 25 January 2011 by admin

It is very common for guys to wonder and worry about the size of their penis. We get messages everyday from the media and even people around us that say a penis should be really big. Think about it – no matter who you are, you probably get junk mail about penis enlargers, and you’ve seen people talk about penis size in movies or on TV. That pressure can be really difficult to deal with. The fact is that all those messages about penis size can make someone feel insecure and worried about their own penis.

The reality is this: the average penis is 4-6 inches long when it’s hard. If it’s smaller or larger than that, it doesn’t mean that it there is something wrong with it. Just like everyone has a unique face, no two penises will look the same. Some people have foreskin at the tip of their penis (uncircumcised), others do not (circumcised). Penises are different widths and they can be smooth or bumpy. If someone notices larger bumps, it may mean they have an STI which they should get checked out at a teen clinic. It might not be an STI (it could be a pimple, for example), but it’s still a good idea to get it checked out.

Sometimes people try to use penis enlargers or techniques to make penises bigger. These enlargement techniques don’t work and they can make people feel insecure. It is true that people who have difficulty getting an erection may use penis pumps which can make a penis larger for a short period of time. That being said, rubbing the genitals or using an enlarger won’t increase the amount of tissue in the penis.

No matter what a person has, it’s totally ok! If someone is really concerned about it, they can always ask a doctor or someone at a teen clinic.