What does being “horny” mean? Why does it happen?

Posted on 28 November 2010 by admin

Usually the word “horny” means feeling sexually aroused (turned on). What it’s like to feel horny can be different for everyone! Some physical signs might include heavy breathing, hot/warm skin or face, and erect (hard) nipples. Also, a vagina might become moist (wet) and a penis might become erect.

People get horny for all kinds of reasons and everyone has their own preferences; just like we all have our own favorite food. Someone could get horny from thinking sexy thoughts, seeing someone they like, touching themselves/being touched by someone else, going through puberty and more!

People usually start getting hornier when they are going through puberty as teenagers. As we get older, the hormones in our body start to kick in which may mean we start getting more attracted to other people.