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Teen Clinics

Teen Clinics are special health clinics only for teens. They are confidential, which means they legally cannot tell anyone (including your parents or guardians) if, when, or why you went there. There are Teen Clinics all over Manitoba. In Winnipeg there is a Teen Clinic open almost every night of the week. If your community doesn’t have a Teen Clinic, check out the nursing station, health centre or contact your public health nurse.

Click the link below to find teen clinics in Winnipeg and Manitoba:

Teen Clinics Winnipeg 2017/18
Teen Clinics Rural & Northern MB 2017/18

Click here to get a printable handout with the Teen Clinic map

Looking for the closest Teen Clinic?  

Check out the Teen Clinic website for location services

Other good things about teen clinics are:

  • You can just walk in without an appointment during teen clinic hours
  • The people there should be supportive, respectful, non-judgmental and can try to help you out with whatever you need
  • You can go by yourself, with a friend, or with a partner
  • Medical and counselling services are free

Here is a list of things you can get at a teen clinic:

  • Free condoms
  • Free or low cost Birth Control
  • Counselling
  • Pregnancy tests
  • STI/HIV Tests
  • Information about all birth control options
  • Counselling on all 3 legal pregnancy options (adoption, abortion, parenting)
  • Access to a doctor or nurse for any health issues that you need to talk about or get checked out (they do more then just sexual health!)
  • Respect