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Workshops for Youth

In the Workshops for Youth Program the skilled Youth Health Educators develop and deliver interactive workshops to youth aged 14-19 in a variety of settings such as high schools, after school programming, alternative youth programming and treatment facilities. All workshops are available throughout Manitoba. City workshops are available Tuesday through Friday (Friday am only).

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Workshop Synopses

Below is a summary of each workshop as well as the respective handouts. If your group has special needs, time constraints, or if you have any other concerns which may impact the workshop, please include this information on the booking form.

Appreciating Diversity
The purpose of this workshop is to examine the destructiveness of discrimination in society and to identify the linkages existing between different forms of discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.). We aim to create/facilitate discussion on the many ways their diversity is not appreciated in order for youth to provide their own answers and workable solutions. Click here for handouts.
Body Image
This workshop helps youth look at ways to prevent/deal with negative body image by examining harmful messages presented in the media and common attitudes and myths in society at large. We also explore the link between negative body image, unhealthy behaviors (such as disordered eating and over-exercising, sexual risk-taking, and low self-esteem) and depression. A group brainstorm provides ways for youth to feel good about their bodies and themselves. Click here for handouts.
Communication Skills
This workshop looks at effective communication skills with a focus on passive, aggressive, and assertive styles of communication in relationships. The harmful effects of rumors are also discussed as well as a look at how media and gender roles can influence the ways that we communicate. Emphasis is placed on issues of consent, sexual decision-making and negotiating safer sex. Click here for handouts.
Intro to Sexuality
What is sexuality? In this workshop we attempt to answer this question as well as facilitate discussion on youth rights surrounding sexuality by examining the factors that affect sexuality. This includes our values, media, gender identity, sexual orientation, body, and mind. Students will have a chance to explore choices regarding their sexuality through discussions and small group work. Click here for handouts.
Mental Health
This workshop helps youth to understand that mental health is a continuum that ranges from mental wellness to mental illness. An emphasis on recognizing symptoms of various mental illnesses and issues through stories is given. We address myths associated with mental health as well as suicide; explore our feelings during a hard time, where to get support and resources, treatment options, as well as coping strategies in an interactive manner. Click here for handouts.
Pregnancy Options
Participants will be given a presentation that outlines all three legal options (adoption, abortion, and parenting) available to youth in Manitoba after a pregnancy has occurred. The workshop is designed to give youth a realistic picture of all choices and resources available to them. Students will also participate in a game that focuses on realities of teen parenting. Click here for handouts.
Relationships (Teen Dating Violence)
A video and discussion will be used to help participants identify various forms of abuse that occur in teen dating relationships. The cycle of abuse, typical warning signs of abuse, and safety plans will be discussed with participants and appropriate community resources will be provided. Qualities of a healthy relationship will be explored at the end of the workshop. Click here for handouts.
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss things to consider before sex, and excuses and responses to condom use. They will gain direct knowledge of anatomy and the most common forms of birth control ranging from abstinence to condom use. Information on the effectiveness, the availability, and proper usage of various methods of birth control will be addressed. Click here for handouts.
Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV
This workshop will introduce students to the most common STIs – highlighting the key symptoms, unsafe behaviors, and important measures including abstinence, condom use, and STI testing. Additional emphasis will be given to the importance of responsible decision-making, regular medical testing, and open dialogue with sexual partners. Click here for handouts.
Substance Use Awareness
An interactive workshop that provides youth with information on the effects of different substances, examines the reasons why youth make the choices they do about alcohol and other drugs and provides harm reduction information. Click here for handouts.