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Peer Support

The Peer Support Program is for people ages 14-18 and consists of a youth-directed 32-35 hr comprehensive training program. This program provides them with skills and information to educate and provide resources for their peers. These newly trained peer supporters can initiate activities in their schools and communities, information tables and educational events. In-house trainings occur throughout the year. We may also be available if you would like to organize a full training for your school, neighborhood or region.

If you have an existing Peer Support or Peer Helper group in your school you can request a supplemental workshop. We are able to meet with groups for up to an entire day to supplement their training.

Contact peersupport@teentalk.ca or 204-784-4010 to discuss these opportunities.

Peer Support Manual
Developed to supplement the Teen Talk Peer Support Training, the Peer Support Manual is a manual for youth. It is full of activities and youth friendly information that focuses on sexual and mental health (including substance use), dating relationships, communication, etc. as well as how to be a good support and provide resources to other youth.

Full Peer Support Manual (print double sided)

Click below for each individual chapter:

A. Introduction
B. Youth Sexuality
C. Communication
D. Birth Control
E. Pregnancy Options
F. Sexually Transmitted Infections
G. Relationships
H. Appreciating Diversity
I. Mental Health
J. Substance Use Awareness
K. Body Image
L. Action Planning

Peer Support Zines
Here you’ll find a copy of our latest Peer Support Zine. This copy is made to be printed into a booklet. Please set your printer to print double sided and to flip along the short edge. You will need to staple the middle of the pages to create the booklet.