Phone Lines

Phone lines offer support and information. They will not judge you.
Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say. Any number you call, someone will help you! 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 , 1-866 and 1-855 numbers are FREE to call and do not show up on phone bills.


Klinic Crisis Line     1-888-322-3019 or (204) 786-8686 (24 hours)
Provides counselling, support and information for people in crisis or distress.

Manitoba Suicide Line     1-877-435-7170 (24 hours)
Counseling/info for people thinking about suicide, or affected by another’s thoughts/ attempts of suicide.

Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Line    1-888-292-7565  or  (204) 786-8631 (24 hours)
Counselling, information, support and advocacy concerning sexual assault.

Kids Help Phone    1-800-668-6868 (24 hours)
Canada wide service providing information and support to youth.

National Eating Disorders Helpline     1-866-633-4220 (8am-8pm, Mon – Fri)
Counselling, information and support for people dealing with or affected by eating disorders and disordered eating.

National Dating Abuse Helpline    1-866-331-9474
Counselling, information, support and advocacy concerning abuse. Visit to chat online with peer advocates. (US based)

Facts of Life Line     1-800-711-9848
Automated toll-free line offering health information and referrals for health care and other services.

Canadians for Choice    1-888-642-2725  (24 hours)
Gives information on abortion, adoption, and parenting, and referrals for abortion services and counselling.

Health Links    1-888-315-9257 or (204) 788-8200 (24 hours)
For information and referral services on health related matters, staffed by nurses.

AIDS/STI Info Line    1-800-782-2437 or (204) 945-2437    (9:30 am – 5 pm, Mon – Fri)
For information about HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections and testing.

Resource Assistance for Youth    1-800-668-4663  or  (204) 783-5617 (24 hours)
Services for youth who have left home up to the age of 29.