Teen Dating Violence

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Abuse is a serious issue that unfortunately affects too many of us. It’s important to not keep abuse a secret. No matter who you are, abuse is not your fault, and no one deserves abuse. If you know about abuse that is happening, or if you are experiencing abuse tell an adult you trust. Teens can also use crisis lines for support. The Klinic Crisis Line is 204-786-8686 or 1-888-322-3019, Kids Help Phone is 1-800-668-6868, both are free.

Abuse can happen in any type of relationship. It can happen between:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Romantic partners
  • Teacher/student
  • Coach/athlete, etc.

Here we focus only on abuse in teen romantic relationships. But, if someone is experiencing abuse in other relationships, they can still use the information here, because the issues are often similar.

For more information on family violence, or abuse between friends or peers (bullying), check out the websites here, and the counselling resources here.