Sex Dam

Things to know:

  • Sex dams can be used for oral sex (mouth) on vagina, anus or testicles.
  • They help to protect from getting or passing STIs.
  • It is a rectangular sheet of latex that acts as a barrier between your mouth and the other person’s body part.
  • You can make them out of condoms for penises!

Check out this video from the Youth Corner to learn how to make a sex/dental dam!

How to make one! Step by Step:

With Scissors:

Step 1: Get a condom without spermicide.

Step 2: Cut the tip off the condom.

Step 3: Cut through the side of the condom.

Step 4: Open it up into a rectangular square and you have your very own sex dam!

Without Scissors:

Step 1: Get a non-lubricated/flavored condom.

Step 2: Unroll the condom all the way down.

Step 3: Tear the ring off the condom using your nails or teeth.

Step 4: Tear the condom down the side, but stop tearing right before the tip!

Step 5: You should now have a rectangular sheet of latex to use!

How to use it!!

  • The dam can be gently held in place by the person receiving the oral sex or the person giving it. If the dam is flipped over, twisted or dropped on the floor, do not try to figure out which side was which!
  • The point is to keep your fluids on one side and your partner’s fluids on the other side, so if they mix or it is dropped just make a new one and keep going. It may be helpful to make a couple of them before you start so you have them on hand if you need more.
  • Adding some lube in the inside of the dam that’s going to be touching the person’s who is receiving can make it more pleasurable.