Does sex hurt? Do girls bleed the first time they sex?

Posted on 28 November 2010 by admin

No, vaginal sex shouldn’t usually hurt, and if it does, people should stop and talk about how to make it more comfortable. It is possible for it to be uncomfortable the first few times, and it’s normal for vaginas to have a bit of bleeding. Most females are born with a thin membrane of skin inside their vagina called a hymen.  They may bleed and experience a bit of pain when they first have sex, because this is sometimes when the hymen is “broken.” The amount someone bleeds can be different from one person to the next and for some people, there is no bleeding at all. (If the bleeding does not seem to be slowing down after some time, it’s important to go see a doctor.)

For many girls the hymen is broken long before having sex through stretching, masturbation or putting a tampon in. Sometimes sex will just stretch the hymen and not break it.  If sex is painful after the first couple of times this could be because there isn’t enough lubrication (wetness).  In this case someone could add more water-based lubricant to a condom. Sometimes people don’t produce enough lubricant because they are nervous or unsure of what is happening.  If this is the case, it is important that you stop and talk to your partner and figure out what works for you.  Every person has the right to be comfortable and say no to sex at any time!