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Can you get pregnant from a toilet seat?

Posted on 27 November 2010 by admin

No, this is a great question, and a commonly believed myth, too!  The idea here is that if a guy were to ejaculate onto a toilet seat, and then a girl sat there, she could get pregnant. This is not true for a few reasons… For one thing, it is pretty rare that somebody would ejaculate on a toilet seat in the first place!  But even if a guy did, sperm cannot live very long outside the body.  They prefer warm environments and don’t like to be exposed to air, so they especially don’t have a very good chance of surviving on a hard, cold toilet seat!

There would be a very small chance of pregnancy happening if a vulva and/or vagina or vaginal fluids came into direct contact with the ejaculate on a toilet seat, but only if they sat there right after a guy ejaculated onto it.  Plus, when a female body sits on a toilet seat, her vulva/vagina usually does not touch with the seat so this situation is really not that likely.