Can you be both male and female?

Posted on 14 November 2010 by admin

Yes, some people are born with a combination of both female and male genitalia.  Such people used to be called hermaphrodites, but are now known as intersexed.  As well, some people feel like they have both male and female genders within them and can identify as either gender. There are also some folks that identify as transgendered. It means that your birth sex does not match your core gender identity.  For example, imagine being born with boy parts, like a penis and testicles, but feeling in your brain like you’re a girl.

Society’s narrow gender roles for girls and guys can make many people feel very restricted.  Many like to gender-bend, or act out of their socially prescribed gender. Finally, there are some people that may not identify with either male or female gender, and instead may prefer to relate simply as people.